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ConeZONE® Design Module Overview

ConeZONE is a powerful tool that designs traffic control plans according to federal and state standards. Users select and apply typical MUTCD layouts to a roadway plan, map or aerial photograph and all required devices are automatically and accurately plotted. And that's just the beginning. Whether you start with a layout or start from scratch, ConeZONE's powerful tools help you rapidly engineer an accurate plan. Adding, moving or removing devices automatically adjusts the entire layout.

No project is too small or too large for ConeZONE. It manages traffic control for everything from striping and utility work to event planning, detours and major highway projects involving many stages and phases. Tabulation sheets and reports can provide any information you need for one phase or an entire project.

What's more, Signs designed in SignCAD can be placed into the work zone. Signs in the work zone can be pulled up and cut in SignCAM. ConeZONE is fully integrated with all of our other products: SignCAD, SignCAM, SignTRACK, which means that existing permanent signs can be overlaid into the workzone to show modifications to or conflicts with existig signage.

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ConeZONE Feature List

  • Design Module
    • Standard layouts: Federal and state standards for temporary traffic control layouts are built into the software; standards drive the application.
    • Standard Devices and Signs: ConeZONE has the library of standard work zone signs and standard devices built into the software. Users can add their own devices and signs for use in their plans.
    • Automated layouts: ConeZONE uses the same DynArrange engine used by SignCAD. When devices are inserted or removed or when tapers are changed, the entire layout is lengthened or shortened automatically. Even with full automation, users have full control.
    • Modifying Traffic Control: Shifting flow of traffic from phase to phase is as easy as dragging lane lines or toggling devices. The layout adjusts automatically while maintaining standard spacing. The results are saved to the project, which can be queried to display the entire work zone at any point in time.
    • Multiple Projects, Multiple Layouts: Users can manage many projects and many phases within each project. Tabulation sheets and reports can identify not only which devices are used and exactly where they are, but also how long they are on site and when they need to be added and removed. Individual devices and costs can be tracked.
    • Plotting: Users can layout plot sheets with north arrows and match lines, notes, specifications and tabulations and can plot entire sets with the touch of a button. Finalized sets can be published so that a locked set is produced.


  • ConeZONE Tools and Layout Templates
    • Tools: They represent actual approved devices, not just graphic symbols. Reports show actual sign codes, areas, costs, and any other informatin the user wants to track.
    • Templates: They speed up work by allowing the user to build libraries of devices, layouts or entire projects. When a template from one TCP is applied to a similar work zone but different road geometry, the template is applied to the new road geometry.
    • Navigating: Users can easily navigate the entire stretch of roadway within other commands, making it easy to work on miles long traffic control plans.
    • Editing: Adding and changing devices and modifying the work zone is a breeze because all of the controls are always available. The result is faster design with greater efficiency.


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CAD Platform:
ConeZONE is a stand alone database driven CAD application. ConeZONE can read and import or attach MicroStation, AutoCAD and other vector file formats.

Requirements: Windows XP or Vista, 1GB RAM, 200MB hard drive. Licenses are available for single user or network installations.


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