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SignCAD Systems, Inc., will populate your sign inventory database by collecting sign data in the field. We have extensive experience with manual collection and automated data collection using vehicle mounted video equipment. Our capabilities range from field verification of specific signs or attributes--such as GPS location, retroreflectivity and sign sheeting--to complete data collection.

When we undertake a data collection project, we design a methodology that fits your budget. We deliver a complete database that you can use in the field to implement a complete inventory management system from that date forward. Large data collection projects that occur over time are coordinated with your ongoing sign replacement projects to ensure that all data stays current.

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Users of SignCAD™ and SignTRACK™ have a large advantage, by taking advantage of complete integration of sign design, manufacturing, sign inventory, replacement and day-to-day maintenance operations. SignCAD files are automatically entered into the sign library, and many fields are auto-populated with information from the original design file. This is not only a tremendous advantage at the time of data collection, but also during the ongoing tasks of installation and sign replacement.

SignTRACK users get an added bonus: every field inventory record is linked to the MUTCD sign file that contains all of the design specs--not just a picture, but the actual design used to manufacture the sign.

We populate the SignTRACK field inventory, which guarantees a completely smooth workflow from initial data collection to ongoing maintenance over time until the sign is retired. This results in accurate histories and reports over the life history of the sign, something other inventory systems cannot do.



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