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SignCAD Screenshot SignCAD - The Ultimate Design Software

SignCAD® stands above any other traffic sign design software.

SignCAD allows you to design traffic signs accurately, in minutes, from day one. You will be amazed by how fast and easy your work will become, because SignCAD has standards tables built into the software, and the software is designed to do much of the work for you. We've packed SignCAD with powerful features: multiple standards support, truly automatic dimensioning, smart objects and dynamic panels.

SignCAD is a quantum leap in CAD technology. Bundled into one package is the federal standard signs library, graphic import capabilities, multiple file capability, sign file preview, recent files opened list, arc fit polyline for export, MicroStation compatibility, and much more.

SignCAD is so easy to learn and use that you may not need the comprehensive help system or our included phone support. Long distance charges may apply.

Product Summary

SignCAD is a stand alone Windows application that helps you design traffic signs easily and accurately.SignCAD multiplies your productivity, because it manages the details while you concentrate on the design.

Built into SignCAD is a bundle of features, including federal and state standards for text, route markers, arrows and panels. SignCAD can support multiple state standards so it is the ideal sign design solution for state DOT's and others who design rectangular traffic signs. We also provide full product support. Contact us for information on including your standards at support@signcad.com

SignCAD runs on any machine running Windows. It is available as single computer or network installations.

SignCAD is used by traffic engineers and sign shops.

SignCAD Is Easy To Learn And Use

No other program to learn.
SignCAD is a stand alone application. You don't have to learn other complex programs to use SignCAD.

With SignCAD's intuitive interface you will be able to design signs right from the start.

The What-you-see-is-what-you-get interface allows you to get-exactly-what-you-want.

You don't have to be an expert.
SignCAD looks up the individual state standard table for you. All you have to do is type text and select from lists of allowed options.

Comprehensive help system.
The help system is designed for all users, so that beginners can easily find answers to their questions, and seasoned users can get detailed information. Tutorials guide you through the design of simple and complex signs, and introduce you the power of SignCAD.

We back SignCAD with a full one-year warranty and free phone support for the current version.

You can also subscribe to annual maintenance, which extends the warranty and keeps you current on the product versions. We are so confident in our software that we offer 1-800 support without reservation. But we don't get many calls. Phone support applies to the current release of SignCAD.

SignCAD Helps You Design Signs Accurately

SignCAD Screenshot

Federal Highway Fonts.
SignCAD contains all the highway fonts, including B, C, D, E, E Mod and F, and the federal spacing tables for both English and metric fonts.

Automatic Lookup.
When you type text, SignCAD automatically looks up the letter pair spacing and spaces them correctly.

Standard Objects.
All of the objects - route markers, arrows, symbols, panels, borders, lines and fonts - are defined by standards tables. When you create objects they are drawn according to the standards.

Dynamic Panels.
When the panel changes size, the border width and radius automatically changes to meet the standard. Or, you can manually override by specifying your own values.

SignCAD allows you to fine tune the design.
It maintains the alignments and arrangements automatically without upsetting the layout. Existing signs can easily be modified.

Sign files reflect current standards.
When standards change each sign in your current library is automatically updated when it is opened. Some manual modifications may be required if new standards contain new objects or sizes.

SignCAD Multiplies Your Productivity

Much of the work is done for you.
When you add or delete objects from the panel, it dynamically changes size, according to the size increment specified by the standard. Adding dimensions in other programs is usually tedious and time consuming. Not with SignCAD. Dimension lines are automatically added as objects are added to the panel.

Hours are reduced to minutes.
SignCAD's power features help you lay out signs in one tenth the time.

Existing signs can easily be modified.
You can add and remove objects and to save as a new sign while SignCAD automatically adjusts the panel and dimensions. You don't have to start from scratch every time.

Review time is reduced.
If it looks right, it is right. Your design is accurately scaled and dimensioned. You don't have to recalculate all the numbers and sizes because SignCAD, with its built in standards tables, consistently turns out accurate results. We do, however, recommend review procedures.

SignCAD's output aids manufacturing.
The layout of lettering and other objects on the manufactured panel is easy because dimensions and object descriptions locate and specify each letter and object. Signs can be exported to other applications to cut the panel.

Smaller investment, fastest payback.
SignCAD is the only program you need, so there's no other software investment. Cost per sign for design and review time is slashed, so that your investment in SignCAD will pay for itself over and over.

SignCAD Manages The Details For You

Efficient Drawing.
Most CAD programs require that you draw every line or object, so that simple tasks are tedious. SignCAD takes the opposite approach: it reduces tedious tasks to simple operations.

Automatic Design
As you edit the panel, SignCAD modifies the dimensions and maintains alignments of objects. There is no need to add dimensions, manually stretch or align, or constantly reposition objects. Those are the tedious details that SignCAD manages, automatically.

Smart Objects.
Objects are defined by standards. You need concern yourself with only a few parameters that completely define an object. SignCAD looks up all the other information it needs to draw it for you.

Rule Based.
Panels are controlled by standards. When you add or remove objects from the panel, it changes size dynamically. The border reads panel size and updates its width and radius automatically.

SignCAD Includes The Federal Standard Signs Library

Over 1000 Federal MUTCD Standard Signs.

The Federal MUTCD standard signs library can be edited and cut directly from SignCAM.

SignCAD Supports Federal and Multiple State Standards

Federal Standards.
SignCAD ships with federal standards defining fonts, arrows, route markers, panels, borders and symbols.

State Route Markers.
When your state DOT purchases SignCAD we will provide your state's route markers based on specifications supplied to us.

State Standards.
We can customize the software to meet state standards, such as modified arrow sizes, special characters and spacing in fonts, special panels and borders, additional symbols and new objects.

Multiple Standards.
If your work involves designing signs for more than one state or jurisdiction, SignCAD allows you to select which standard you want to use from a dialog list. You don't have to know the ins and outs of multiple standards.

Metric Conversion.
SignCAD handles units conversion through internal tables and definitions for each object. The tables are defined from federal and state standards. For you, the end user, conversion couldn't be easier.

SignCAD Packs A Bundle Of Features

SignCAD contains the following list of smart objects. Each object can be modified by us to conform to your state standards, or new ones can be added.

  • Fonts: B, C, D, D Mod, E, E Mod and F with upper case, lower case, fractions and special characters defined within each font. Some standards may not allow access to some sets of characters within each font.
  • Arrows: up arrows, standard arrows, down arrows, U-turn arrows, diagrammatic arrows, double headed and advance turn arrows. Available sizes and types may vary depending on the standard selected.
  • Route markers: Interstate, US Highway, State, square county, pentagonal county. Additional route markers can be added according to state specifications.
  • Panels: split color panels, exit number panels, guide signs. Their size is controlled by objects contained within them and the allowable size increment.
  • Symbols: Approximately 125 recreational and cultural symbols are included. More can be added.
  • Lines: Horizontal and Vertical lines on panels automatically extend to panel edges, indent, or can be set to specific lengths.
  • Rectangles: Rounded or square corner rectangles are used to separate or highlight information.

SignCAD contains the following features and settings:

  • Horizontal and vertical alignments that are maintained even as the sign is modified.
  • Spacing around objects that hold them in their positions. Objects know that they cannot overlap one another.
  • Panels resize at increments as the contents change. The size increment can be specified.
  • Route markers change shape with the number of digits.
  • Color and outline modes for viewing, saving and printing. Color information is always remembered even when saved in outline mode.
  • Dimension display toggles and styles for specifying objects on the panel.
  • DXF and HPGL export to other applications.
  • Standards selectable from a list. Select the standard to use when creating a new sign, or set the standard for all signs.
  • Conversion of units selectable from the menu. Select whether you want English or metric versions of objects. Dimensions will show corresponding units.
  • Licensing and authorization ensures that registered users get updates and unlimited phone support.
  • Network licenses allow users to access SignCAD from any computer on the network.
  • Familiar Windows interface where mouse functions and menus are consistent with other Windows applications.
  • Help system designed to make finding information fast. It also contains valuable information on standards and specifications.
  • Tutorials designed to give you a jump start with SignCAD.

SignCAD Now Has a Unique Street Sign Module

SignCAD Systems, Inc., introduces the StreetSIGNT Module, for use with SignCAD and SignCAM.

The all new StreetSIGN Module in SignCAD provides users with the ability to generate street signs, 911 signs and other special signs automatically. The StreetSIGN Module allows large quantity sign orders to be made up quickly and efficiently, utilizing input from spreadsheets. StreetSIGN uses templates created within SignCAD to produce massive quantities of street name signs, street numbers, 911 numbers, fire numbers, and other signs with common layouts. The SignCAD template contains the intelligence to make and adjust panel sizes according to text length.

Once produced, StreetSIGN and SignCAM generate reports and output required to complete the job:

  • A complete list of all quantities of panels needed by color and size.
  • A full screen SignCAD view of all panels, with text. (see illustration).
  • A complete take-off, or quantity list, of all letters and numbers used.
  • The ability to output to cutters through SignCAM.

SignCAD Is MicroStation® Compatible

Use the best of both worlds! SignCAD includes a MicroStation MDL application that allows placement of signs designed in SignCAD into MicroStation plan sheets and layouts with ease.

  • Works in MicroStation SE/J/V8.
  • Copy in SignCAD objects and paste into MicroStation.
  • Defines signs from SignCAD as an individual cell in MicroStation.
  • Application and settings retained across sessions.


Standard Fonts and Spacing:
SignCAD's fonts, highway series B,C, D, E, E Mod and F, are true type fonts. Spacing and width values are stored in separate tables, rather than within the font definition. As a result, values are more accurate, and customization to state standards is easier to accomplish. Stencil fonts for series B, C, D, E and E Mod are also included.

Route Markers:
State route markers are defined from specifications supplied by each state at the time of purchase.

English/metric conversion:
Units conversion is handled through a preferences toggle. The conversion takes place according to conversion tables for federal or state standards for each object and font. No matter how complex the conversion rules are, the conversion for the user is reduced to the simplicity of a pick of the mouse button.