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PathPlaner ROADS - Vehicle Turn Simulator.

SignCAD Systems and Graphtec have teamed up to produce the ideal cutting combination for the Traffic industry.


This cutter actually cuts Avery Denison's type 11 Omnicube and 3M's Heaviest Diamond Grade™ materials with ease! Features advanced 4-point Automatic Registration Mark Sensor. Cuts through thicker material with force up to 600g. Longer blade life, out-performs more expensive tangential cutters.

Guide Signs

The SignCAD VIP system handles everything from overhead freeway signs to specialty signs and does everything from design to cutting. SignCAD is used by DOT's throughout the nation.

Street Signs

Lists of information can be input to SignCAD via external text files from databases or email. Layout, panel sizes, and material usage are computed immediately for accurate job costing and estimating. Then send the completed signs to the Graphtec VIP cutter. It’s all automatic!

Standard Signs

The SignCAD VIP System includes a complete library of MUTCD standard signs. Just pull them up and cut them.


Import graphics and logos for specialty signs. SignCAD imports images and works with scanning applications to convert graphics which can be used to layout and manufacture signs. You can’t get any better!

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