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PathPlaner ROADS - Vehicle Turn Simulator.

SignCAD Systems and Graphtec have teamed up to produce the ideal cutting combination for the Traffic industry.

The Graphtec SC VIP Cutting System is a stand up drum type cutter used to cut material used in the manufacturing of road signs. The 42" cutter supports rolled or sheet material from 2.9" to 48" wide and up to 164' long using friction rollers. The 54" cutter supports rolled or sheet material from 2.9" to 59.1" wide and up to 164' long using friction rollers. The 42" and 54"cutters support the HPGL, HP-GL/2 plotting languages and are compatible with the Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/NT/XP Operating Systems as well as SignCAD/SignCAM.


Interface: RS232-C/USB
Buffer: 2 MB standard
Resolution (Addressable): 0.002 inch
Repeatability: +/- 0.0039
Blades: 0.9mm Supersteel (CB09UA), and 1.5mm Supersteel (K30)
Force: Selectable from 20 to 600 g in 40 steps
Cut Speed: 58.5 in/sec
Acceleration: Up to 4g
Media Pre-feed: Standard (built-in SmartFeed function automatically unwinds and pre-feeds media for an operator specified distance upon self-recognition of plot file length)
Automatic Sheet cutter: maximum thickness 11 mil
42” Cutter dimensions: 56.7” Wide, 26.8” Deep and 46.3" High
54” Cutter dimensions: 66.9” Wide, 26.8" Deep and 46.3" High
42” Weight: 112 LBS
54” Weight: 123 LBS
Power Consumption: 100-240 VAC
Humidity (relative): 35% to 70%.
Temperature range: 60 Degrees F to 90 Degrees F

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Film Types

Self-adhesive vinyl film, fluorescent film, reflective film, Amberlith™, Rubylith™, Sandblast resist rubber, high intensity, 3M Diamond Grade™ (VIP reflective sheeting), and Avery Dennison Prismatic™ T7500 and T6500.

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Price Includes

Warranty Standard: - 3 Years Warranty Parts and Labor

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Stand, Blade holders & Heavy Duty Blades, Water-based Black Fiber-tip Pen, Media Pre-feed, Printer driver for Windows, User Manual, Serial Cable w/ adapter and Power cord.

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Media catch basket, Additional media rackG

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