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SignCAM - The Ultimate Cutting System Sign Manufacturing Has Never Been Easier.
It's as simple as 1... 2... 3...

1... Design signs in SignCAD. Get used to no speed limits and reduce design time from hours to minutes with SignCAD.

2... Extract important manufacturing information from sign files with SignCAM®. Select the signs for the job, and SignCAM extracts the colors, quantities, sizes of letters, arrows, route markers and other objects to be cut.

3... Use SignCAM's interactive nesting to compress and rotate letters and objects. Then use SignCAM's cut command to send the job to the cutter/plotter. You're done!!

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SignCAM Product Summary

SignCAM is the option that adds manufacturing capability to SignCAD's powerful design engine. It does the cutting, layout and formatting necessary for the actual manufacturing. This product is designed to bridge the gap between design and manufacturing by allowing direct transfer of relevant information electronically without redundant, and error- producing, sketches or faxes. The transferred information consists of such items as letter count, sizes, and colors. With the use of the SignCAD/SignCAM combination there is no need for any outside or third party packages. No more redundant work.

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SignCAM Feature List

SignCAM adds these features to the already extensive list of SignCAD features:

  • SignCAM creates a seamless transition from traffic sign design to manufacturing.
  • Save design, manufacturing and inventory information from each sign.
  • Display, print or save reports of objects from a selected group of signs: letter counts by font and size, quantities of arrows, route markers, street signs and other objects by size and type.

  • Get reports of square feet or square meters of material required for selected objects, materials, colors or signs.
  • Sort the objects to be cut by color, material or other characteristics. Split into separate files and specify how objects are to be cut.
  • SignCAM optionally arc fits fonts for smooth cutting.
  • SignCAM allows cutting of entire sign layouts, whole words or individual letters.
  • Tiling

  • Nest individual objects and whole words interactively for best material utilization. See example here.
  • Preview the cutting job.
  • Send the job to a wide range of cutters and cutter/plotters.
  • SignCAM prepares large jobs for SignNEST, a separately available high performance automatic nesting and cutting package.
  • SignCAM is backed by full technical support.

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Cut Street Signs With SignCAM

SignCAD Systems, Inc., introduces the StreetSIGNs Module, for use with SignCAD and SignCAM.

The all new StreetSIGN Module in SignCAD provides users with the ability to generate street signs, 911 signs and other special signs automatically. The StreetSIGN Module allows large quantity sign orders to be made up quickly and efficiently, utilizing input from spreadsheets. StreetSIGN uses templates created within SignCAD to produce massive quantities of street name signs, street numbers, 911 numbers, fire numbers, and other signs with common layouts. The SignCAD template contains the intelligence to make and adjust panel sizes according to text length.

Once produced, StreetSIGN generates reports and output required to complete the job:

  • A complete list of all quantities of panels needed by color and size.
  • A full screen SignCAD view of all panels, with text. (see illustration).
  • A complete take-off, or quantity list, of all letters and numbers used.
  • The ability to output to cutters through SignCAM.

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Product Prerequisites:
SignCAM requires SignCAD.



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