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SignNest - The Ultimate Cutting System

SignNEST is designed for high-production sign shops and it is the ultimate in true shape nesting. Combined with SignCAD and SignCAM, SignNEST completes the system for a complete solution from design to manufacture.

  1. SignNest autuomatically nests letters and objects to get the best material utilization. Choose to allow or restrict mirroring and rotating of objects to comply with specific reflective materials.
  2. Get reports on quantities, areas, material and labor cost, cut time and other important information. All reports are fast and easy for accurate job costing and scheduling.
  3. After nesting, send the nested objects directly to the cutter. SignNEST outputs the correct machine data for even the most complex cutter/plotters, lasers, waterjets, and other machine tools.

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SignNEST Product Summary

SignNEST is a true shape-nesting package that will always get the ultimate efficiency with regard to material utilization. This package goes a lot further than just nesting; it is actually a complete job-costing, inventory, and shop floor package all in one. Besides accurate reporting on costs and inventory, SignNEST provides accurate cutting drivers for plotter/cutters, lasers, waterjets, routers, etc. SignNEST is a must for the high production sign shop.

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SignNEST Feature List

SignNEST adds these features to the already extensive list of SignCAD & SignCAM features:

  • It accepts part geometry generated by SignCAM and other files and automatically nests them for most efficient use of expensive materials.
  • Import parts to be cut - letters and other objects - and their quantities from SignCAM. A parts bar shows each item in your parts list, which can be viewed or edited.
  • Automatically add objects from multiple SignCAM files, or manually adjust quantities or add or delete objects from the parts list.
  • Mirroring can be toggled on or off for selected objects. Rotation can be restricted for any given object for grain restraint, letters, or to comply with specific reflective materials. Click here to see Enlarged Image of the Nesting Dialogue Control Box
  • Nest within voids, between objects, or holes within objects.
  • Built-In Editing Capability gives the user full control over edit functions such as placement and angle. Features include automatic interference detection, bumping and sheet cropping.
  • Specify the separation distance between each letter or to the sheet edge.
  • Clustering of objects or groups of letters allows you to keep words or certain lines together and maintain their placement. The cluster can then be rotated, nested, and treated as one object.
  • The nesting algorithm gives an accurate view of the letters as they are being nested onto the material size and shape of your choice.
  • The nesting algorithm finds the most efficient material utilization on very large jobs using expensive material.
  • Part and material inventory can be maintained in a fully integrated, dBase compatible item and sheet inventory databases.
  • Powerful cost and production analysis feature allows full reporting on material usage, scrap, efficiencies, and costs per job. Cost information includes: material (actual, blank, scrap), machine time, operator and consumables. Production information includes marking, traversing and load/unload times.
  • SignNEST is backed by full technical support.
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    Product Prerequisites:
    SignNEST requires SignCAD & SignCAM.


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