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SignTRACK Screenshot SignTRACK - The complete inventory and tracking system for signage.

SignTRACK Web Product Summary

SignTRACK by SignCAD Systems Inc., has become the easiest to use Sign Management System on the market today. It is truly a system because of a simple web based application that interfaces with the Sign TRACK iPad App that allows users to upgrade and collect sign data in the field without the pains of expensive GPS systems, expensive cameras, and computers or laptops in the field. SignTRACK also seamlessly integrates with its' partner SignCAD and enters intelligent data directly to inventory (SignTRACK) right when the sign is designed. This keeps your people out of the field and danger when collecting data.

If you're in a hurry to collect your data, SignCAD Systems has video vans available that drive your roads and highways for you and deliver all of the sign attributes directly into the SignTRACK inventory system.

SignCAD systems has it all, from sign design, sign making, sign management, to sign retirement.

Look no further!

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SignTRACK® - The complete web inventory and tracking system for signage.

  • SignTRACK automates field sign inventory, maintenance, inspection and manufacturing.
  • Auto entry at the design phase. All the sign information is entered automatically from SignCAD's intelligent database.
  • SignTRACK's database stores the entire field sign inventory, including the location (milepost and GPS), the physical condition including retro-reflectivity, sign details, and sign support/post information.
  • SignTRACK generates work orders, logs the maintenance history of the signs and automatically schedules replacement based on life span calculations.
  • SignTRACK can store multiple images along with the actual sign data used in manufacturing the sign.
  • SignTRACK provides a process that will improve signing efficiency and reduce liabilities.

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SignTRACK Feature List

SignTRACK Web includes these basic features:

  • Complete tracking of all field sign inventory. Detail of each sign includes the location, physical location, sign details, and support details.
  • User defined reference tables and formulas allow users to customize SignTRACK to their preferences. Use the reference tables for signs, posts, installation codes, and installation reasons. Use the formulas for conditional data management.
  • iPad users can access all features and functions from the web in the field.
  • SignTRACK features fast standard management and statistical reporting. Each report has options to select different outputs on the report.
  • SignTRACK includes a powerful and flexible security system, allowing data supervisors to control access to the information stored in the database and what system administrative rights users are granted.
  • SignTRACK is geared to serve the multi-user environment.
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