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Training ensures productive use of our family of products from day one. Contact us at 1-800-722-6997 for information and costs for day long training sessions for your staff.


Extended software maintenance is now available to registered users of SignCAD, SignCAM and SignTRACK. The Annual Maintenance Contract protects your investment by guaranteeing that you always have the latest version of the software. It adds comprehensive coverage to include software updates, new version upgrades, customization updates, and technical support. Each of the benefits is described in more detail below.

Software Updates and Upgrades: We occasionally release interim updates to the current version to improve functionality or fix minor bugs.

Approximately annually we also release a whole new version of the software, which includes major new features. Subscribers will automatically get the upgrades when they are released.

Software Compatibility Updates: When you upgrade your Windows operating system, contact us if you have problems with the way that SignCAD, SignCAM or SignTRACK works. We will ensure that our software remains compatible with your new software.

Phone Support: Get fast answers to questions about installing and using SignCAD, SignCAM and SignTRACK. Unlimited phone support is available during normal business hours.

Customization Updates: We will provide software customization updates to multiple license holders at no additional charge. Customization covered under the maintenance contract may include adding new sizes to existing objects or improving the user interface. All customization requests must be submitted with detailed specifications. There may be additional charges for more comprehensive customization to the software.

Maintenance of State Standards: As state signing standards are revised we maintain the built-in standards for you, electronically, in SignCAD. All changes in state standards must be submitted with detailed specifications. There may be additional charges if substantial changes are made in state signing standards.

Technical Support: When you purchase maintenance we provide full technical phone support that covers advanced user techniques, design support and help with Network installations.

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We can include in SignCAD your state's standards, including but not limited to any of the following examples:

  1. Add new arrow sizes to existing arrow types (e.g. standard arrows, down arrows, or diagrammatic arrows).
  2. Add new arrow types (e.g. 135 degree arrows, advance turn arrows).
  3. Define rules by which border width and radius change size.
  4. Define rules by which the metric/English conversion takes place for each and every object.
  5. Add new fonts, or add new characters to existing fonts, or remove characters from fonts.
  6. Define spacing for letter pairs not defined in federal standards (e.g. lower case to upper case, numeral to letter, or pairs with special characters).
  7. Define rules for spacing between objects.
  8. Define new objects such as route markers, symbols or panels, and create new standards tables that control their behavior.
  9. Provide new options for specifying objects on the panel.
  10. Develop program modules to provide enhanced features for specific signing applications.

Please call us for additional information.

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